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Our Faculty

Exceptional Education Providers

We have a fantastic team of caring and supportive instructors. All Academy for College Preparation & Career Exploration staff are passionate about making a difference in students lives, through their tireless dedication and drive to shape the human mind.

Get to know our committed team and their role in continuing our tradition of academic excellence.

Instructional Team
English Math Science Social Studies Physical Education English as a Second Language Instructional Support Specialists Art
Mr. Baptiste Ms. Bennett Mr. Burke Mr. Lanphear Ms. Morales Ms. Aristy Ms. Dormer Mr. Slack
Mr. Hyacinthe Mr. Enokian Mr. Komolafe Mr. Lauricella Mr. Webb Mr. Colon Mr. Green Mr. Wilson
Ms. Magloire Ms. Goosby Mr. McPherson Ms. Massalay Mr. Hyacinthe Mr. Niles 
Ms. Rambaran Ms. Lewis Mr. Richard
Mr. Walters
Guidance Department
Grades 9, 11
Ms. Grant
Grades 10 and 12
Ms. Gh'Rael
Grades 6, 7, 8
Mrs. Wellington
School Support Team
Ms. E. Holloway
Parent Coordinator
Ms. McClain
Principal/Payroll Secretary

Ms. A. Holloway
M.E.T. Team
Ms. N. Cotto
Pupil Accounting
Mr. McAllister
M.E.T. Team
Ms. M. Cotto
M.E.T. Team
Ms. Pierre
M.E.T. Team
Ms. Taylor
CUNY Advisor
Instructional Support Paraprofessionals
Mr. Fleischmann
Ms. Mattera