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Joan Mosely

Ms. Mosely joined the College Prep team in February 2017 with over 18 years of experience in the New York City Department of Education. Under her leadership, graduation rates have increased significantly and students are going to top tier colleges upon graduation. She believes in the importance of advancing intergenerational economic mobility and has invested in securing apprenticeships for students at some of the most prominent corporations in New York City. Students begin their exposure to college as early as grade 6 and accelerate, beginning in 7th grade, to earn three Regents exams and high school credit before moving up to our 9th grade. She is an experienced and committed mathematics educator that believes all students can achieve their dreams if given the absolute best support and education. In 2016, she was honored to be inducted into the NYC Leadership Institute, a group of outstanding city agency executives, to lead organizational change initiatives. In June 2022, ACPCE was privileged to be named a winner of the 21st Century Learning Center Community School grant by the New York State Department of Education.

Hayward Aaron
Assistant Principal, Organization
Mr. Aaron brings over 19 years of experience as a master math educator and programmer to College Prep. He hails from the Erasmus campus and is committed to ensuring all students graduate college and career ready. His positive and collaborative spirit are key to helping us continue to excel as a school community.
James Cochran
Assistant Principal, Supervision
Mr. Cochran brings more than fifteen years of prior experience as an educator to College Prep, including five school years as the AP-for-All Master Teacher at the Erasmus Campus. With many years of experience teaching AP US Government, AP Macroeconomics, AP World History, AP US History, AP English Literature, and AP English Language, Mr. Cochran has a passion for guiding students and teachers to ask questions, to collect & rely on evidence, and to collaboratively problem-solve. He has a passion for storytelling, and he loves knowledge for its own sake. He works daily to ensure all students see school as a place where they are loved, where they can engage, and where they can grow.   
Muntaha Hussein
Assistant Principal, Supervision
Ms. Hussein has been an integral part of the Academy for College Preparation & Career Exploration team for over 10 years. As a teacher, she has taught various grade levels and has inspired numerous students to develop a life-long love for science. Her passion and dedication for teaching and learning science led her to earn degrees from Xavier University and St. John's University. Her ongoing commitment to ACPCE's entire learning community is an asset to all stakeholders. She is committed to providing a safe and comfortable learning environment where youngsters can continuously receive quality instruction. 
Heather-Rose Mohagna-Klein
Assistant Principal, Supervision


Mrs. Mohagna-Klein's passion for education can be seen through her active involvement with both staff and students. She specializes in the humanities, and is well versed in instructional development. Her constant energy, enthusiasm, and support for those around her contribute to the overall positive school environment. 


Richard Anderson


PSAL Athletic Director


Mr. Anderson has spent over a decade at the Academy for College Preparation and Career Exploration. His zeal for physical education and high school athletics has had a major impact on the Academy for College Preparation and Career Exploration and the entire Erasmus Hall Campus. His continued contributions have influenced the culture of the campus, which led him to become the Dean of Students and PSAL Athletic Director.