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Frequently Asked Questions
Are we a uniform school?


Middle School Students:

Burgundy Polo; grey slacks or skirts; plaid jumpers also acceptable for girls.

High School Students:

Choice of Black, Burgundy or Grey T-Shirt (Must have College Prep Logo) 

Middle School Uniforms can be purchased at most local uniform stores (Ideal, Cookies, etc.)

High School Uniform Shirts can be purchased at Ideal Uniform or Cookies (Must have College Prep Logo)


Can I visit the school?

Yes, anytime! We provide school tours by appointment. Please call our office to set up an appointment.


Where do I go if I need an I.D card or a replacement I.D?

Room 1W25 - Family Welcome Center
Please report to the main office before school starts or at the end of the day. Students should not leave class during the day to retrieve ID cards.


When is the lunch period?

We have 3 lunch periods.

Middle School Lunch is period 4.

9th/10th grade Lunch is period 7.

11th/12th grade Lunch is period 8. 

We have a wonderful salad bar to complement our daily lunch menu. 

Students are not allowed to go outside for lunch.


How does the school communicate with families?

The parent coordinator will send out different forms of communications: emails, electronic messages using Skedula I.O messenger, and regular postage mail. Families may also receive communication updates by logging on to this website.


Is there an afterschool program?



Middle School Students enjoy our New York Edge after school program that operates daily beginning at 2:20 pm. You can get more information by contacting our Parent Coordinator (extension 19252).

High School Students can participate in a variety of after school clubs created based on interest surveys. Speak to Assistant Principal Pestano for more information (extension 29058).

After School Success Academy is available beginning in October for students who wish to accelerate credit accumulation or catch up in areas where they are challenged. Speak to Ms. Holloway for more information (extension 19252).


If you would like to start a club, please speak to Mr. Pestano in Room 2W5


I have a question about my child's progress in school, who should I contact?

All parents/guardians have access to Skedula and can view homework assignments, test scores and overall student progress. However, if you have specific concerns, please schedule an appointment with your child's Guidance Counselor.


Mrs. Wellington (Grades 6 to 8) 

​Ms. Grant (Grades 9 to 10)

Ms. Gh'Rael (Grades 11 to 12)


What if my parent needs to contact me?

Cellphones are collected daily. Your parent can contact your guidance counselor, the parent coordinator, or call the main office. Students who need to call home should go to the main office: Room 1W9 - 718.564.2566 ext. 19090


Where do I go to get a Metro card?

Please see Ms. Holloway in the Family Welcome Center to receive your metrocard.

Replacement metrocards are issued on Wednesdays only - 2:25 pm.


Is tutoring available if I need extra help?​

Yes, a tutoring list with specific subjects and rooms will be posted shortly after the term begins.

Always speak to your teacher if you have concerns and need extra help. 

Additional resources are also available: 

Dial-A-Teacher Online is available school days, Monday-Thursday from 4:30-6:30.

(Dial-A-Teacher can also be reached at 212-777-3380 school days, Monday-Thursday, from 4:00-7:00.)


What if I speak a language other than English, can someone translate for me?

We are a diverse community and communicate via text to all parents in their native language. 

We also have staff members who are bilingual in Arabic, Haitian Creole and Spanish.


Is there a library?

Yes. We have a beautiful, well-stocked library on the campus.


The library is located on the 4th floor. You must get a pass from the main office (Room 1W9) before going to the library.


What happens if I get ill during the school day?

We have a health clinic on site. All students must complete registration forms in order to be seen at the clinic. Our clinic also offers free immunization and vision testing. 

You can retrieve a registration form from our Parent Coordinator in room 1W25.