Joan Mosely


Ms. Mosely joined the College Prep team in February 2017 with over 18 years of experience in the New York City Department of Education. She is an experienced and committed mathematics educator that believes all students can achieve their dreams if given the absolute best support and education. In 2016, she was honored to be inducted into the NYC Leadership Institute, a group of outstanding city agency executives, to lead organizational change initiatives.

Clarence Darby

Assistant Principal, Organization

Mr. Darby is a veteran educator with decades of educational experience. He has a passion for all things College Prep. His commitment and dedication to our school is evident in everything he does. He challenges us to be better every day. He ensures that our school exceeds all expectations to serve every student well every day.

Heather-Rose Mohagna-Klein

Assistant Principal, Supervision

Ms. Mohagna’s passion for education can be seen through her active involvement with both staff and students. She specializes in the humanities, and is well versed in instructional development. Her constant energy, enthusiasm, and support for those around her contribute to the overall positive school environment.

Nigel Pestano

Assistant Principal, Supervision

Since joining Academy for College Preparation & Career Exploration, Mr. Pestano has consistently brought a passion and dedication to College Prep each day. His focus and dedication to the sciences, math, art and technology are evident in his daily interactions with students and staff. He ensures that all students who need intervention receive the highest level of support.

Dale Wilson

Assistant Principal, Climate and Culture

Loved by students and faculty alike, Mr. Wilson provides our school with the just right climate and culture to ensure students feel safe, secure and respected. His commitment to education and students spans over two decades.


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